Office Safety Videos

Number Title
Length (Minutes)
OS-01 Safety & The Human Factor N/A
OS-02 Office and Personal Security 12
OS-03 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 6
OS-04 Hazard Communications for Office Personnel 10
OS-05 Office Safety: Safety Care N/A
OS-06 Office Safety: Its Serious Business 14
OS-06.2 Office Safety: Its Serious Business 14
OS-06.3 Office Safety: Its Serious Business 14
OS-07 Ergonomics: The Practical Approach N/A
OS-08 Office Safety N/A
OS-09 Safety and Security N/A
OS-10 Safety in the Office N/A
OS-10.2 Safety in the Office N/A
OS-11 Office Safety Essentials 18
OS-12 Stress and Safety N/A
OS-12.2 Stress and Safety N/A
OS-13 Workstation Ergonomics 5
OS-13.2 Workstation Ergonomics 5
OS-14 Office Safety: Personal Workspace 5
OS-15 Fire in the Workplace 26
OS-16 Travel Safe 24
OS-16.2 Travel Safe 24
OS-17 Stress in the Workplace 5
OS-18 Dress Safe 5
OS-19 Repetitive Motion Injury. Prevention is in Your Hands N/A
OS-20 Preventing and Managing Stress 27
OS-21 Workplace Stress (Humorous Version) 20
OS-21.2 Workplace Stress (Humorous Version) 20
OS-22 Preventing and Managing Computer Related Injuries 27
OS-23 Office Ergonomics 21
OS-24 What To Do About Workplace Emergencies 19
OS-25 Safety is Your Responsibility N/A
OS-26 Safety Responsibilities 10
OS-27 Ergonomics for the 21st Century 13
OS-28 Risk Assessment for the Office 15
OS-29 Health & Hygiene Essentials for the Office 19
OS-30 Office Safety: It's Not Magic 14
OS-31 Understanding Safety in the Office 20
OS-32 Fire Prevention in the Workplace 16
OS-33 Office Building Fire Safety - Low Rise 18
OS-34 Safety Orientation in the Office 14
OS-35 Office Safety N/A
OS-36 Ergonomics 12
OS-37 Stress Management: A Practical Approach 18
OS-38 Ergonomics: Your Body at Work 20
OS-39 Video Display Terminals: The Human Factor (Overview) 10
OS-40 Video Display Terminals (Supervisor Training) 15
OS-41 Video Display Terminals: The Human Factor (Overview) 10
OS-42 VDT: Supervisor Training (15 min), The Human Factor (32 min), The Human Factor: An Overview (10 min) 15,32,10
MSC-29 Video Display Terminals: The Human Factor 32