Miscellaneous Videos

Number Title
Length (Minutes)
MSC-01 Kitchen Care N/A
MSC-02 Noise and Hearing Conservation N/A
MSC-03 Safety Awareness N/A
MSC-04 Safety is Serious Business with Gallagher 5
MSC-04.2 Safety is Serious Business with Gallagher 5
MSC-05 Safety Signs 12
MSC-05.2 Safety Signs 12
MSC-05.3 Safety Signs 12
MSC-06 Recognition, Evaluation and Control of Hazards N/A
MSC-07 Pre-Job Safety Checklist 9
MSC-07.2 Pre-Job Safety Checklist 9
MSC-08 Fire Extinguisher Safety N/A
MSC-09 Preventing Child Abduction 5
MSC-10 How to Prepare for an OSHA Inspection 5
MSC-11 Outdoor Safety 5
MSC-12 Silence of the Slams 8
MSC-12.2 Silence of the Slams 5
MSC-13 Home Watch N/A
MSC-14 Space Heaters 5
MSC-15 Civil Service Employees N/A
MSC-15.2 Civil Service Employees N/A
MSC-16 Lone Driver Safety 5
MSC-17 Dealing with Doggie Dangers 5
MSC-18 John Deere: Lawn and Garden Safety (With GT235E update) 9
MSC-19 John Deere: Safety First with Gators 24
MSC-20 John Deere: GS and Premium Commercial Walk Behind Mowers Operator Training 32
MSC-21 What's Wrong With This Picture? N/A
MSC-22 Employee Safety Orientation N/A
MSC-23 Housekeeping Responsibilities 10
MSC-24 Be Prepared to Speak 27
MSC-25 Horseplay is No Joke 12
MSC-26 Safety Tape #7: First Aid for Accidents (20 min), Accident Causes and Prevention (16 min), Behavioral Accident Program (20 min) N/A
MSC-27 Hazards of Substance Abuse, Corrections Officer "Principles of Discipline", Supervising Safety: You Make the Difference N/A
MSC-28 Personal Protective Equipment, Repetitive Motion Injury: Prevention Is In Your Hands, Disaster Preparedness: What to do If It Happens N/A
MSC-29 Safety Tape #6: Supervising Safety: You Make the Difference, No Laughing Matter: Slips, Trips & Falls (19 min), VDT: The Human Factor (32 min), Accident Causes & Prevention (43 min) N/A
MSC-30 EEO Compliance for Supervisors and Managers 23
MSC-31 Taking Action and Ventilation Basics 15
MSC-32 Valuing Diversity at the Interpersonal Level 17
MSC-33 U.S. Chemical Safety Board: Safety Videos 05-08 DVD
MSC-33.2 U.S. Chemical Safety Board: Safety Videos 05-08 DVD
MSC-34 H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu): What You Need To Know DVD
MSC-35 Toxic Mold: The Facts 12
MSC-36 It Only Takes a Second 4
MSC-37 Golf Cart Safety 15
MSC-38 Safety Procedures for Lawn Mower Operators 20
MSC-39 Shots Fired on Campus When Lightning Strikes (Student Edition) - Guidance N/A
MSC-40 Shots Fired on Campus When Lightning Strikes - Guidance for Surviving an Active Shooter Situation N/A