Industrial Safety Videos

Number Title
Length (Minutes)
IS-01 Foot Protection: Step Up to Safety 11
IS-01.2 Foot Protection: Step Up to Safety 11
IS-02 Hand Safety N/A
IS-03 Lifting and Solutions 17
IS-04 Inspection, Car and Storage of Slings N/A
IS-05 Welding Safety N/A
IS-06 Working Safely with Machinery 12
IS-06.2 Working Safely with Machinery 12
IS-07 Landscape Power Tools 20
IS-08 Professional Guide to Lawnmower Safety 25
IS-09 Tractor Safety Begins With You 20
IS-10 Chain Saw Maintenance and Safety N/A
IS-11 Safe and Effective Grinding N/A
IS-12 Safe Operation of Overhead Cranes N/A
IS-13 Preventing Hearing Loss 11
IS-13.2 Preventing Hearing Loss 11
IS-14 Myths About Personal Protective Equipment 9
IS-15 Ladder Safety N/A
IS-16 Respiratory Protection N/A
IS-16.2 Respiratory Protection N/A
IS-17 Preventing Head Injury N/A
IS-18 Safety and the Use of Air Compressors N/A
IS-19 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) N/A
IS-20 Getting It Right At Height N/A
IS-21 Ificouldawouldashoulda 5
IS-22 It's Closer Than You Think (Mechanical Safety) 10
IS-23 Confined Spaces: Training for Employees 20
IS-23.2 Confined Spaces: Training for Employees 20
IS-24 Electrical Safety in the Workplace N/A
IS-25 Safe Operation of Chainsaws N/A
IS-26 Single-Piece Rim Wheel Safety 5
IS-27 What a Grind - Grinder Safety 5
IS-28 Tractor Safety 43
IS-28.2 Tractor Safety 43
IS-29 Shortcut to Disaster - Part 1 - Chain Saw Safety 5
IS-30 Shortcut to Disaster - Part 2 - Chain Saw Safety 5
IS-31 John Deere: Mid Z-Trak, Mini Z-Trak and QuickTrak Operations & Safety Training 19
IS-32 Landscape Maintenance Safety 17
IS-33 Hand Injury: The Gory Story 13
IS-34 I Chose to Look the Other Way 12
IS-35 Hazard Communication: The New Millennium 13
IS-36 Hand and Power Tool Safety 13
IS-36.2 Hand and Power Tool Safety 13
IS-36.3 Hand and Power Tool Safety 13
IS-37 #486 Hand and Power Tool Safety 13
IS-38 Tractor Safety Program (4000 Ten Series Cut Safety/Implement/Operation) N/A
IS-39 Indoor Air Report: Breathe Easy 15
IS-40 Lockout/Tagout Program 1 18
IS-40.1 Lockout/Tagout Program 1 18
IS-41 Lockout/Tagout Program 2 18
IS-42 Hazcom Case Histories - Learn From Their Mistakes 19
IS-43 Bonding & Grounding or Flammable Liquids 9
IS-44 Asbestos Awareness - Are You at Risk? 23
IS-46 Electrical Safety: Preventing the Shock of a Lifetime 16
IS-47 Beware Bite - Electrical Safety 20
IS-48 Phelps Correctional Center - JSA - Meat Saw N/A
IS-49 Electrical Safety Illustrated 17
IS-50 ATV Training N/A
IS-51 Basic Equipment Operation: Part 4 - Mower & Tractor Safety N/A
IS-52 Lockout/Tagout Safety Training N/A
IS-53 Forklift Safety Training N/A
IS-54 Forklift OSHA Safety 27
IS-55 Lockout/Tagout Affected and Authorized Persons 16
IS-56 Electrical Safety Hard Disk
IS-57 Confined Space Operations Hard Disk
IS-58 Confined Space Safety N/A
IS-59 Confined Space Communication and Awareness 21
IS-60 Lead Standard 6
IS-61 Confined Spaces: Training for Employees N/A
IS-62 The Finest Tools 22
IS-63 Don't Blow It 17
IS-64 Accident Prevention Though Equipment Guards 10
IS-65 Confined Spaces: Introduction 10
IS-66 Confined Spaces: Recognizing Atmospheric Hazards 20
IS-67 Confined Spaces: Rescue Operations 17
IS-68 Confined Spaces: Types of Hazards 15
IS-69 Confined Spaces: Entry Principles 15
IS-70 Dual Protection N/A
IS-71 Electrical Related Work Practice N/A
IS-72 Fire Protection - Electrical Safety 10
IS-73 Eye Safety N/A
IS-74 Heat Stress 12
IS-75 Workplace Safety Inspections 11
IS-76 Heat Stress: Don't Lose Your Cool 14
IS-77 The Essential Elements of Hand Safety N/A
IS-78 Basic Equipment Operation: Parts 1-3: 1) Equipment Inspection, 2) Preventive Maintenance & Servicing, 3) Instrument Panel & Controls. N/A
IS-79 Safety Tape 11: Working with Hazardous Materials. Seven Steps to Ladder Safety, Protect Your Hearing N/A
MSC-28 Personal Protective Equipment N/A
MSC-28 Repetitive Motion Injury: Prevention is in Your Hands N/A
IS-80 Better Safe!!! Fire & Electrical Safety 14
IS-81 MSDS: Read It Before You Need It 20
IS-82 Heat Stress N/A
IS-82 Respiratory Safety: The Breath of Life N/A
IS-82 Working in Confined Spaces N/A
IS-83 Hazard Awareness N/A
IS-83 Electrical Safety N/A
IS-83 Fight Fire With Prevention N/A
IS-83 Skin Protection: Hazard in the Workplace N/A