Emergency Preparedness / Disaster Safety Videos

Number Title
Length (Minutes)
EPD-01 Medical Emergencies in the Workplace: Life-Sustaining Response N/A
EPD-02 Medical Emergencies in the Workplace: Emergency First Response N/A
EPD-03 Backfire 16
EPD-04 Identifying Fire Hazards N/A
EPD-05 Stop It Burning N/A
EPD-06 Building Evacuations N/A
EPD-06.2 Building Evacuations N/A
EPD-07 When Disaster Strikes 20
EPD-08 Day of the Killer Tornado N/A
EPD-09 Natural Disaster Preparedness 5
EPD-10 Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Floods 16
EPD-11 Fire Awareness: Office Fire & Evacuation N/A
EPD-12 Fire Awareness: Egress/Exit Safety 5
EPD-13 Fire Awareness: Fire Escape: Getting Out Alive 5
EPD-14 Fire Awareness: Office Safety: Fire Plan 5
EPD-15 Fire Awareness: Fire Extinguisher Safety 10
EPD-15.2 Fire Awareness: Fire Extinguisher Safety 10
EPD-16 Fire Awareness: Emergency Evacuation Procedures 9
EPD-17 Fire Awareness: Office Fire Prevention 5
EPD-18 I Plan to Live - Emergency Action Planning 5
EPD-19 Anthrax Awareness 13
EPD-20 Emergency Evacuation 9
EPD-21 Investigative Reports: FEMA in the Face of Disaster 50
EPD-22 Terror Survival Guide 30
EPD-23 20
EPD-24 Disaster Preparedness 20
EPD-25 Fire Safety 9
EPD-26 Emergency Action Plan - Crisis Under Control 16
EPD-27 Fire Alert!!! Hospital Fire Safety 16
EPD-28 When Disaster Strikes - Are You Prepared 22
EPD-29 Investigative Reports: Bombs: The New Bomb Makers 50
EPD-30 Investigative Reports: Bioterrorism 50
EPD-31 Haz-Mat Awareness Training DVD
EPD-32 Floods: The Awesome Power N/A
EPD-33 The Hidden Danger, Low-Water Crossings N/A
EPD-34 Biological and Chemical Threats: Closing the Door 17
EPD-35 Emergency Evacuation Procedures 9
EPD-36 Flash Over: The Point of No Return N/A
EPD-37 Fire Brigade Operations 58
MSC-28 Disaster Preparedness: What to do If It Happens 20