Claim Reporting

Claim Reporting

When a State agency, one of its employees or other party experiences a loss, the impact of a claim can be far-reaching. From the State’s perspective this can mean lost productivity, strain on existing resources and increased costs. For a person facing a loss of property or injury, it can be an especially stressful and confusing time.

We are here to help.

The process starts with your timely reporting of an incident. Once an incident is reported the claims management process begins. Whether you are reporting a workers’ compensation, liability, transportation or property claim it is important to provide thorough and accurate information to the Sedgwick claims professional assigned to your case.

Sedgwick is here to help you navigate the claims process from the first report of loss. To do this in the most effective manner it is important to promptly report a loss, and the details surrounding the situation, as soon after an incident as possible. Sedgwick is here to efficiently and effectively serve the needs of all parties involved.

Claims Capture FAQ

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